Dinglehopper - September 8th 2005 - October 21st 2018

If Dinglehopper could talk he would probably tell you that his life didn’t begin very happily. Dinglehopper is the product of a puppy mill. That being said, it is likely that Dinglehopper was born by a young female Pomeranian, whose only purpose in life, according to her owner, was for her to be bred, repeatedly whenever she came into heat until she could no longer carry and give birth to another littler. Giving birth to one litter of puppies and caring for them would be challenging enough. Doing so when you live in deplorable conditions – possibly in small, cramped, wire pen littered with feces, without adequate food and water would make it unbearable. However, Dinglehopper’s mother managed to hang on and ensure that her little boy survived when the odds were against him. I’m sure she loved him, her puppies from previous litters and the puppies to come. Dinglehopper is a sweet little boy who loves me unconditionally… so much so that he has severe separation anxiety. Who can blame him when you consider that at a young age he was taken away from his mother? Only a few weeks into his life and he was at his prime “cuteness” factor and the breeder relied on his sweet face to sell the little puffball. Dinglehopper was not immediately sold to me. He was sold to the Hunte Corporation, which can be described as nothing more than a middle man between puppy mills and the pet stores whose main focus is profit – purchasing puppies for low prices and selling them for thousands of dollars.

After being taken away from his mother and possible siblings, Dinglehopper would have found himself in another cage/kennel. I can imagine how frightening it would be for a tiny Pomeranian, who weighs next to nothing, to be in a strange environment. He probably heard lots of barking, not that of his mother, but of hundreds of other puppies wondering what fate had in store for all of them. One he was cleaned up and made presentable he was loaded into a Mac Truck and began a journey. A long journey – from Missouri, USA to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Being in a cramped cage in the back of a moving vehicle couldn’t have been a pleasant experience. Once the truck reached its destination Dinglehopper found himself in yet another home. This home didn’t have wire bars. One of the sides was made of glass. Dinglehopper had been sold to a pet store that planned to re-sell him.


Disclaimer: The pet store that Dinglehopper was purchased from remains unnamed, to protect myself from any legal infractions, such as defamation of character. All information and content appearing on this website (as a whole... each web page) is accurate and complete according to my research (for example, United States Department of Agriculture Violation Reports) as well as my personal experience with “the pet store”. It is possible that certain individuals believe they can identify the pet store and that their experiences have been the antithesis of mine. As previously mentioned, this is my experience and I am not generalizing by saying all experiences with this store are negative or that all of their puppies are from irresponsible sources, (such as puppy mills) or that all of their animals are of ill health.


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